With James Dondero At The Helm, Highland Capital Management Is A Thriving Company

Based in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management co-founded by James Dondero is widely recognized as being one of the world’s top investment management companies. The company was founded in 1993, and has a workforce of more than 100 employees.

Specializing in alternative credit investments, Highland Capital Management effectively manages hedge funds, mutual funds, structured investment plans, and separately held accounts.

The traditionally successful principles of investing that are employed by Highland Capital Management, are combined with a disciplined approach to preserving capital. These methods produce high returns to the investor.

Besides managing a broad spectrum of institutional pooled investment plans, Highland Capital Management also offers top-rate retail investment services.

Customers regularly benefit from the extensive research and analysis that the Highland investments team regularly perform. Clear communication between members of the investments team helps to provide a constant flow of useful information that benefits the investor.

Investing in high yield credit and managing high yield credit commingled funds are strategies that Highland Capital Management place an emphasis on.

Investing in distressed middle market companies, and other challenging special situations, is a proven strategy that Highland Capital Management uses.

Other strategies that Highland Capital Management focuses on include long/short equity funds, healthcare, emerging markets, oil and gas, structured products, and real estate. With its calculated, well-researched approach to investing, Highland Capital Management is able to exercise bold decision making that consistently benefits investors.

The president of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. A graduate of the University of Virginia, James Dondero co-founded the company in 1993, and has guided it to major success. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero maintained successful careers with the Protective Life, and American Express corporations.

James Dondero is also affiliated with NexBank, MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare, and several other organizations. An active philanthropist, Mr. Dondero supports new ideas and actions in veteran’s affairs, civic policy, and education.

Highland Capital Management has a strong sense of corporate and community responsibility. The company consistently invests in local community organizations, where their employees live and work. Highland Capital Management also provides support to some national nonprofit organizations.

In addition to its Dallas headquarters, Highland Capital Management maintains offices in New York, NY, Seoul, Rep. of Korea, Singapore, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dates On The Go

Whether you’re an avid smart phone user or just know how to do the basics and play around on a few apps, chances are there are a few social media outlets that you’re a part of. Society today is a fast paced and interconnected by technology making keeping in touch with relatives easier, holding business meetings with people across the globe possible without travel and sharing your daily life with friends you don’t always see on a constant basis. With most communication being a swipe away its no surprise that people have sought to meet other people with common interests online through blogs, websites and apps.

A Skout dating can seem odd to some people, but before there was online dating you had to hope there was a person worth meeting at a bar, a party or at school. Then comes the approach, talking to a complete stranger who may or not be interested in the same things you like or even being in a relationship, which more often than not can lead to some awkward situations. Dating apps wash away the fear of being rejected or having to guess someone’s personality just by looking at them, with profile’s readily available on your phone it makes the entire process a hundred times easier. While riding the train, waiting in an office for an appointment or just lounging about at home you can skim through people’s profiles and look for someone who has the same values, goals and interests as you. If you want to talk to them you can send them a quick message to meet or just remain internet friends for awhile to get to know them before meeting in person. Romance can also be found globally and apps can make it easier for people looking outside their country.

Social networking isn’t just centralized to dates, it can be a great way for artists, writers and world travelers to connect with each other through a general interest. Since traveling is such a widely known hobby, many travelers who are in a country that don’t speak the language want at traveling buddy to help with language barriers or just a friend to enjoy the sights with. People who spend their years exploring other countries don’t always have someone with the same passion for travel and social media is a great way for fellow travelers to meet each other, especially if they happen to be traveling through the same country.

Skout is a newely developed app that helps connect travelers with people who are traveling in the same vicinity. Millions of users have been using the travel app to meet with locals and other travelers for assistants and make new friends and connections around the globe. Some people have initially made friendships with people over the app and then gone on vacation to their friend’s country. Skout is wonderful app that helps people from all over create long lasting bonds and immerse in different cultures with one swipe of a finger.

How To Choose the Best Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you facing a legal issue related to business or personal matter? Searching for reliable legal help in Brazil? Every day, people all over the world go online searching for quality legal assistance for various issues. Hiring a lawyer for business or personal matter is not something to be handled lightly. Proper research is necessary in order to find the right lawyer for your needs. It is imperative to choose a business lawyer with care, as you will entrust this professional to protect valuable personal and business information.

There is a growing number of business lawyers in Brazil, but the quality of service provided by these professionals is not the same. You can find qualified lawyers in several ways. In order to get a list of potential lawyers, you can contact the local lawyer regulatory agency and request the names of lawyers that practice in that area.

Some people find lawyers in local law directories or by contacting the Bar Association or other law professional organization. Lawyers can also be located through recommendations by accountants and general lawyers.

Begin choosing the best lawyer in Brazil by examining the particular needs of your business in detail and matching them to lawyers with the most relevant experience and skills. Once you have gathered a list of potential lawyers, you can narrow down your choice by screening them, asking about specific services that the lawyers have provided for past clients and finding which lawyers communicate best.

Most lawyers offer free initial consultation, and this is necessary before you ultimately hire someone to provide any type of legal service. You want to determine if the lawyer is qualified to practice in Brazil, and has the necessary credentials. Find out what area of law the lawyer specializes in. A strong business lawyer should have a good understanding of both business planning and corporate law and have a lot of experience in setting up various business structures. Finding out how the lawyer has helped other businesses in Brazil and how he or she would handle your business plan or project can help you narrow down your list of potential lawyers.

It is also absolutely necessary to understand how legal fees are calculated or determined, and how your potential lawyer bills clients. Do not hire a lawyer without a written agreement on how fees are to be paid. Also, make sure you read and understand the terms. A reputable lawyer will provide a written document or retainer signed by both parties, to ensure that there won’t be any misunderstanding as the case proceeds.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business and corporate litigation law. He has been providing top notch legal services to people from all walks of life. Mr Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has provided high quality litigation for over 22 years and is known for his powerful litigation strategies, and has made a great name for himself in the Brazilian legal system.

Revolutionize Online Dating With Skout

In recent years the internet has been used more and more as an online dating resource. True, there have been online dating websites for the past decade or so but they’ve always existed as a sort of murky ‘weirdo option’ for the uninitiated. People looked down on you, albeit subtly, if you got caught using a program like Plenty of Fish or eHarmony. Now online social networking has become so commonplace and so prevalent in our day to day lives that using an online dating website doesn’t only make sense, it is preferred. That is where Skout founders Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom came into the picture.

Starting Skout.
Back in 2007 Wiklund and Lindstrom got the idea to begin their own small social networking platform that focused on anonymous connections, geographical location targeting, and pure unadulterated fun. Skout was born and quickly found its way to the iOS and Android marketplaces. However, it wasn’t until a 2012 round of venture capital investing that the company pushed into the big leagues. In 2012 Skout managed to rack up $22 million in investments from several big names in the tech world. These investments would become the fuel by which Skout flew to new heights.

Now Skout is sitting at the top of the iOS ‘Free App’ charts where it has already grabbed nearly 500 million users. The focus of the quirky platform is to connect these users randomly with only small mutual details. This creates a more fun and adventurous social platform that doesn’t allow users to get caught in the rut of only talking to the friends that they know. Like most quality dating apps, Skout focuses on putting people together in ways that their chemistry can show off.

Navigating the App.
You can download Skout for your iPhone or Android devices by simply navigating to the app store. The core app itself is completely free of charge and is supported by advertisements within the body of the program. Once you load up the app and register you will see a screen full of randomized profile pictures. These pictures will be either men or women (or both) depending on how you set up your profile. Clicking on their picture opens up a sub menu of different actions that you can take: winking, chatting, ‘following’, and even sending virtual gifts. The design is minimalist and modern while focusing solely on the connection between two people.

The way that Skout makes money is by appealing to their audience to connect with their advertisers. Actions on Skout require you to spend points and in order to spend points you can either do daily tasks or buy points from the in app shop. For users who want to remain ‘free’ they simply have to interact with advertisers in order to get the points needed to perform all of the actions within the app. It took awhile but Skout is finally seeing large returns from their user base and they are growing exponentially every single day.

Facts About Visual Search That You Did Not Know

Visual search uses images taken by mobile devices that have visual search technology apps give users a phenomenal digital shopping experience that provides a link for the user to to purchase. In short, visual search links both physical and digital worlds. When a user snaps a photo of an object, he searches for it on the visual search mobile app to know where he can shop for a similar one. In most instances, the app is used by a retailer or online store for easy recognition and sale of its inventory.

Visual search uses images to recognize, analyze and search the database based on the content captured. The size of the captured image does not matter, it can be as small as wine bottle print pictures or big like buildings. The technology is tailored in such a manner that it can accommodate anything provided it is in the database. The best thing about visual search is the fact that it gives the user the opportunity to buy the searched product instantly if it matches with what he had captured.

Many retailers and online shops that have embraced this technology have seen a tremendous growth in their sales and customer experience since they started using it. This is primarily contributed by the fact that many shoppers have the instant exclusive opportunity to make an order provided the searched item is found in the shop’s inventory. Because the technology is used on mobile phones that are owned by the biggest number of people, the numbers in terms of sales are simply awesome for the retailers.

To the avid shopper, visual search provides the best option for buying a product that the shopper has just discovered. With a few clicks, the shopper can capture the image, make an order and have the product delivered to his address.

Slyce It is a technology development company that pioneered visual search technology. Currently working with six of the top twenty retailers in America, this company’s visual image search technology is seriously on another level. The technology can stream all captured images through a level of recognition stages before the result is produced. This rigorous process is to ensure that only the exact image is produced as the final answer.

Shoppers have also liked the experience with Slyce It which explains why it is being used by the big sharks in retail. Everyone the shoppers and retailers included wants convenience which is exactly what Slyce It provides.

How Visual Search Is Paving the Way to an Amazing Future

It can almost seem like an understatement to say that technology is changing the world. There was a time when a decade would go by and one wouldn’t really see very many changes in the world. These days even a few years can be enough to change how the majority of people live their life. One of the best examples of this are smartphones.

When smartphones first came out there were, as the name suggests, simply thought of as phones. People were used to cellphones and simply thought of smartphones as an extension of that. It didn’t take long for the unique nature of smartphones to become apparent to users. Suddenly everyone was using their phones in the same way that they were using their computers. And after that, people were discovering ways to push portable computing beyond what desktop computers were capable of. And that process is still going on. The upcoming technologies are just starting to appear in the world. And in many cases they’re leveraging existing technologies to do so. One of the best examples of this can be found with product recognition technologies.

Like many groundbreaking developments, it’s a dynamic extension of other technologies. As one might expect from the name, it’s focused on being able to do digital searches through visual means. A good example of why this is so important can be found by looking at traditional search engines. Imagine going to a great bed and breakfast. There’s a painting on the wall, but nobody knows who the artist is. Typing a description into a search engine will usually be pointless. Descriptions of people standing in front of buildings or the like are, by the nature of language, too imprecise for a search engine. But imagine if one were able to simply send the picture into the search engine. This would combine the power of a massive search engine with the benefits of one’s eyes. And this is what visual search is all about. In this case it might find the name of the painting, and the artist who made it.

The industry leaders, such as Slyce, see another way visual search can impact people’s lives. They have a unique implementation of visual search which can be seamlessly integrated into any program. Consider the case of someone who sells prints of paintings. In the earlier example, they could have a special app which integrates with Slyce’s product recognition technology. When a person takes a picture of the painting the app might be able to load up a store listing for a print. Or even for original works by that author. Slyce is working to push visual search from a new technology into a ubiquitous part of life. This can also be seen with their techniques for social media. Their software is able to work with most social media platforms in order to identify the contents of pictures. This data can then be used in any number of different ways.

The Emerging Data Plan-How Cellular Plans Have Changed

Cell phones are very complicated these days. You select a carrier then a phone and a plan. It can be a bit overwhelming, as most require that you sign a two-year service agreement. However, these plans have changed dramatically since the day cell phones began on fortune.com. For starters, gone are the days where you could get quality service for a good price. Take for instance Sprint, they have changed their data plans more than most people change their pants in a week. Their popular plan now is called the “Family Share Plan.”

The devil is in the details when it comes to these cell phone packages. Most offer a flat rate of minutes to share between all the phones on the line. They also offer so many texts and web time. Now, there are some unlimited plans, but those are going to cost you big time. What about the cell phones they were also free until about five years or so ago.

Cell phones are not free anymore, and if they do they give ones of lackluster quality. The cell phones of today will cost you on top of your monthly bill. If you want the new Apple iPhone 6, it will add about another $40 on top of your monthly cell phone bill with Sprint. Though there are phones as cheap as $10, cell phone companies have become wise to the cost involved with phone replacement. If you think you’re getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to your cellular service, you are not alone. This is the exact reason so many people are going to companies, like Straight Talk, which offer no contracts and pay as you go servicing.

Another company that has certainly made a name for itself is FreedomPop Wireless. They are the newbie on the block, but they are the ones to watch. While they have only been in business a short 18 months, what they have brought to the table is rivaling their competitors. First, they don’t have a contract and secondly, they don’t do big and expensive cell phones. You can bring your phone with you, but they would rather sell refurbished models geared at saving their customers money.

They have already branched out into parts of Europe and with a new group of investors backing them, it’s just a matter of time till they are all over the US. For now, those who live in the California area get to enjoy their service. Though you should look out for them and their expansion because it won’t be long until the will be a global service.

While they may not offer free phones, they do give you free minutes. You can have up to 500 minutes of talk time for nothing. You also can get 500 free texts per month. This is something that no other big carrier is offering. When you say the word, “free” people will respond. Everyone wants something for nothing, especially if the service is as good as Freedom Pop. Their service is just like any other cell phone company because they use their lines. The bare bones cell service offers customers a chance to have the same service they already enjoy at a drastically reduced price.

If you can live with the 500 minutes, then you won’t be required to pay any more. However, if you need more minutes on your phone, you can purchase them for nearly nothing.

Eric Puller and Starbright World

Eric Puller has done a considerable amount for the medical community in is time working in tech after graduating from Harvard University and MIT. However, possibly one of the most beneficial and helpful to children suffering from chronically ill children is Starbright World. This is a private social media website created by Eric Puller in order to assist these very children. While it might seem like something small, it truly is important to give to these children and to connect them with other children who might be struggling with some of the different issues they have been forced to deal with at such a young age. The ability to know that there are other children around them, suffering from the same issues, can prove especially uplifting. After all, everyone likes to know there is someone else out there going through exactly what they are going through.

Smtarbright World has been around since 1995 although it has received more attention in recent years as social media accounts have continued to expand and grow. The website is all about giving children the ability to communicate to other children in a safe environment. It is a closed off, private social media account so children do not have to worry about outsiders interfering with them or causing other problems. Instead, it is a simple, easy to use way to chat, post blogs about just about anything, upload content such as images and to just share experiences with other individuals online.

Eric Puller has created other programs chignon as Starlight, with each of the different program offering assistance to different children. These programs he has worked on with Peter Samuelson and Emma Samms, who lost a brother at a very young ages. These programs have gone on to appear in over 1,170 different child medical facilities throughout the world. There is the Starlight Fun Centers, which teamed up with entertainment giant Nintendo in order to create mobile units that provide Wiis and other video game equipment to hospitals. These carry-capable units also come with a DVD player which can help children who are suffering from diseases with a distraction to take them away from their world for at least a few minutes and put a smile on their face.

there is also the Starlight Site, which helps improve rooms and design these individual hospital rooms to become more child friendly. After all, many of these rooms are drab and colorless, designed for hospital patients, but a child still wants to be a child, no matter how sick they are. With the Starlight Sites service, this is all possible. Plus, Starlight Tablets are able to be delivered to these children so they can play games and connect to the Starbright World social media website.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a rancher?

In my younger years before college, I was raised working on a ranch. The jobs were many, but our main source of income was providing fencing material. This sounds strange, but only the most successful ranchers can have livestock as their sole source of income. Additionally, this would also be disregarding a revenue stream. Both are important because cattlemen and ranchers sell calves. Because of this, their payday may come only once or twice a year, and many things can happen throughout a year that can negatively affect that one check greatly. So our time was mainly spent acquiring these materials. For fencing, many people prefer using discontinued railroad ties.

These are wood blocks that can be anywhere from eight feet to 18 feet long, and they were very heavy. They are preferable to other forms of fencing because the railroad ties are treated with a petroleum-based substance to prevent premature decay. Because of this, when they are used for fencing, they are very long lasting because they are resistant to the ravages of both winter and summer and being anchored in the ground directly without concrete. They are also used because of the stout nature of the tie. Because of this, they can be used as pull posts in fence construction. Pull posts are stout enough to take the pressure of the stretched wiring without bending. This stretch is the integrity of the fence that would repel any animal’s direct contact. In some cases, that animal can be a raging bull that weighs close to a ton, and all the fences that we installed always held.

We would have to check thousands of miles of this fence over the years of ranching because of the possibility of these issues as well as any other problems that would cause a fence to be breached. While we do this, we may also feed cattle in the winters. This is necessary because that large ranch with constant green grass that is portrayed in movies is not the way most ranches work. In real ranches, cattle may have to be moved for the proper grazing. Additionally, some ranchers cannot afford to plant winter cover crop, so the animals must be fed. This made a lot of work for us, but it got many times easier with the advent of Google maps.

No longer did we have to manually check fields to determine their feeding or watering capabilities, and we could tell when fences were breached that were deep into the countryside right from our laptops. We decided to institute these simple technologies into our business after reading an article about how Shaygan Kheradpir integrated technology into business models and transformed businesses like Verizon and many other companies. He is now the CEO of a large tech firm. As for us, we were able to add caring for other ranches into our repertoire because of technology. They still do not know how we manage them so well, and we are not talking.

The Necessity of Truth and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the largest sources for information on the Internet. However, it does have one major Achilles’ heel: It can be edited by almost anyone. Although there are a number of safeguards in place in order to eliminate a lot of edits there are those that take advantage of the very forgiving nature of Wikipedia, especially as the editors cannot be expected to check every detail of every article. However, it does behoove the person writing the article to be as honest as possible, especially if the article will be read by others within the industry.

When someone is using a Wikipedia writing service, the article needs to be meticulously researched. If you think that you know everything there is to know about the topic, sometimes someone will publish something new that forces the books to be rewritten, and that needs to be reflected in the article. This means that it can help to do research both at the beginning of an article as well as before the submission button is pressed. While it may seem a little ridiculous in some cases, and feel a little embarrassing, it is nonetheless a great way to make sure that the article is up to date.

This extra bit of research also has the advantage of making sure that the writer dos not comes off as merely supporting a personal agenda or opinion, especially when that opinion runs counter to popular opinion. Although there are a lot of situations in which the writer is acknowledged expert in the field in question, the writer needs to acknowledge that there may be other opinions on the matter, even if those opinions are counter to the writer’s opinion on the matter. If nothing else those other opinions need to be acknowledged in order to ensure a great article.

Overall, it can only help by being as accurate as possible. Not only does it add to the reputation of the writer, but it can also add to the reputation of the subject as well. In an era when transparency is one of the most important assets a company can possess, it only helps when the writer is as truthful about the subject as absolutely possible. While there are is some wiggle room for that truth, it is advised that the wiggle room be ignored; if you need to note there is some sort of dissenting opinion or that there is some disagreement about something in the article, it is better to write about it than not. This is a situation when all that is known about the subject needs to be addressed, not just what is convenient to your side, in order to write the best article possible.