Different Forms of Financial Investments

The need for people and businesses to invest has never been so high than it is with the current economic times. Business environment has become so tough that people are waking up to the reality that depending on their salaries is not an option. Dr. Brian Bonar is a renowned financial expert and he has been advocating for investments in the money markets. His experience in the field of finance has helped him to accumulate a great wealth of information and knowledge to know that investing in the money markets is a remedy and a way out of bankruptcy.

While deciding on the mode of instrument to use while investing your money, one needs to understand the characteristics of the instruments beforehand. Investments can be through bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, among others. Bonds are also known as fixed-income due to the nature of their operation. One of their basic characteristics is the fact that they are founded and based on debt. Bond are basically a source of borrowed income by a company or a government.

Investing in bonds is therefore lending an investor’s money to a borrower, either a company or a government. The money is however returned with some interest earnings. After the borrower has borrowed from an investor money, the money is eventually paid back with the agreed interest accrued. Bonds are the most secure security funds since in most cases the institutions that offer bonds are stable financially. However, since the risk of bonds is relatively low, the returns are also not very lucrative.

Stocks on the other hand are different from bonds because they give investors ownership. Investors who decide to invest in this form of security are entitled to a shareholding vote and they become part of the decision makers in the company. In this plan, an investor becomes a recipient of the company’s profit shares in terms of dividends. The risk of shares is their unstable nature in terms of their value and predictability. Unlike bonds, stocks are unstable and they do not have a fixed or stable value therefore it becomes easy for investors to suffer losses when the share value drops from the initial value. Nonetheless, the opposite is true.

Their volatile nature makes it risky to trade in shares. The value of shares fluctuates very often which makes it very difficult to get a fixed value. However, due to their volatility, shares attract high returns compared to bonds. Mutual funds is a form securities whereby it can either be in form of stocks or in the form of bonds. In this plan, investors collect their funds together and they allow a hired financial manager to choose the best securities for their consolidated funds. In this plan the risk can be high or low depending on the securities that the manager will choose.

Can Online Crisis Managent Companies Help With Reputation Issues?

When a person Google’s your company, there’s no telling what they may find. Even if you have a good reputation, you can easily find yourself a victim of slander, gossip and outright lies. That’s where online reputation management companies come in. There are a lot of solid companies out there that deliver positive results by thwarting negative search content about your company.

Online reputation management companies have the ability to combat negative and inflammatory comments about your company by pushing bad reviews to the bottom and moving positive ones to the top. Some companies offer review platforms, as well as real-world insights that can be used to bring your ratings up. Most online reputation management companies can control the way you look online and tailor specific programs to fit your needs.

Companies say that some businesses can potentially add fuel to the fire by engaging with customers who leave negative feedback. Digital crisis expert Darius Fisher says that companies and people should always be proactiveness when investing in your their reputation. Business persons should take into account a variety of issues that could potentially ruin their reputation such as a messy divorce or statements taken out of context, according to Fisher. Fortunately, some mega-companies have their own fully-staffed crisis management teams who can fix these things. Some small to mid-level companies don’t have that same luxury and need someone to manage their brand.

Fixing a company or person with reputation issues is hard but it can be done. Regardless of the difficulty, reputation management companies can usually do a pretty good job of minimizing damage by showcasing positive reviews. Companies have found that even when something bad is said on sites like Yelp, 4-star reviews on other prominent sites will render the negative ones insignificant.

Many companies say clients can do a whole lot for themselves in the way of combatting a negative image. Regardless of how tempting it is to fight with someone, it’s best to let it go. You will be better off in the long run. At the end of the day, providing quality service is the best way to combat negativity.

FreedomPop’s Mission Is: No American Left Off The Digital Grid

The cell phone has become a necessity. We depend on our phones for social and business interaction. But they have also become a place to retreat to when the world gets too annoying or frightening. We load our cell phones with apps that make life simpler and more understandable, and we pay a lot of money for the chance to show our independence through our cell phone savviness.

The major cell phone providers have hit a technology goldmine, and we are the miners. The more we learn about technology, the more we pay to use it. The old days of paying a $20-a-month phone bill are long gone, and according to the three top providers they will never return. But wait. There is a way to get some of those add-on costs eliminated from our monthly phone bill. That option is called FreedomPop.

FreedomPop, the new wave service provider, was born in 2012. The relatively new telecom company is backed by Skype Founder, Niklas Zennstom’s Atomico Ventures, DCM and Mangrove Capital. FreedomPop offers free mobile service, Spotify free music and Dropbox free data. It sounds too good to be true, but FreedomPop offers customers free 4G phone service, free home broadband and free wireless internet. It may sound too good to be true, but it is true. Millions of people have taken advantage of the LA based phone provider’s free 200 minutes of calls, 500 texts, and 500MB data per month plan.

But that is just the beginning of reinventing cell phone service for FreedomPop. The company is adding a super low-cost WiFi service. For $5 a month, users get unlimited use of 10 million hotspots around the country, according to CEO Stephen Stokols. Stokols says that monthly fee is substantially less the competition, and he believes the number of hotspots available for use will increase to 25 million.

Obviously the company is working on tight margins, but there is a need for FreedomPop’s business model. In fact, the United States is not the only country looking to cut cell phones costs. The United Kingdom is FreedomPop’s next market, and that service opens the international market. More than 60 countries can be reached using the free FreedomPop service. FreedomPop is attracting a lot of attention. The acquisition rumors are getting stronger, It looks like FreedomPop’s service is here to stay. More than a million customers are enjoying this low-cost phone service, and that number grows every day.

FreedomPop Rejects Bids to Sell and Plans to Service Customers Better

As reported by TechCrunch, FreedomPop intends to continue to grow its business independently despite the offers it has received to sell. CEO and co-founder Stephen Stokols has been busy entertaining six bids from mobile carriers and a large tech company. But he turned them all down stating he didn’t feel it was time to sell.

It seems investors agree with Stokols. The startup, FreedomPop, a disruptive freemium web company which delivers free mobile phone and wireless internet service, has recently raised $30 million in funding. They are looking to raise another $50 million to $100 million in the next year in order to reach their goal to build a billion-dollar company.

FreedomPop makes its money by selling upscale services to their customers who get the basic services for free. With revenues currently growing at 25% a quarter, investors are taking notice and putting up some funds. The company plans to use these funds to flesh out its customer service areas.

As of today, FreedomPop gets its users from the internet. Stokols has said that they have nothing when it comes to customer service. He plans to change this. He wants to provide FreedomPop customers with service that is ahead of the demand. While addition of more customer services will add to the customer acquisition costs, currently at under $5 a user, it will bring in more customers which means more revenue.

Developing Technology: Visual Search

Slyce is a well known leading service provider that is ideal for companies, retail providers, and various brands. The visual product search technology that can enables you to contact and connect with customers and clients at any moment. Slyce works with over six of the top retailers in North America. Slyce has their own advanced image recognition technology. This allows imagery to be captured through a series of recognition stages to determine matches successfully and accurately. This program has been carefully designed to generate exact and similar matches for every search.

The best part of Sylce is the app allows visual search technology. This app can be conveniently download on to your tablet or phone. This app is great for retailer’s customers with the capability to find things that they desire by a simple snap of a photo. This means a photo can be snapped to discover products. This allows shopping to begin with pictures which gives optimal and new meaning to the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. For customers it only takes a few seconds for a search to generate once a photo is snapped. This is amazing for retailers. It generates the same item the customer took a picture or a similar product. Then the customer can just click the item they want purchase it and they have the instant gratification that you get from shopping. This is going to take shopping to a new level for customers and retailers too. They are starting with just shoes and handbags however, this could be the start of many products having their very own snap shots taken. This could branch out to other categories. This app was designed to make shopping easier for customers. Customers have responded well and love the new app. Try the Sylce today you won’t regret it.

The Self-Driving Car and the Safety of Its Owner

When it comes to the self-driving car most are excited to see advancements made. People at Boraie Development agree that there aren’t many who would refuse the opportunity to own a car that will drive itself. Most would be happy to be able to handle over the driving that needs to be done and to allow their car to take care of it. Are there situations, though, where the driver will miss his or her sense of control?

What happens with a car that drives itself when there are suddenly people on the road and the car is forced to either hit into those people or slam off the road and into a tree? What happens when the car is in a situation where it needs to choose between the lives of strangers and the life of its driver? What will the self-driving car choose when it is in the kind of situation where someone is going to be hurt? It seems that the self-driving car might be more willing to look out for strangers than the average driver would be. While most would instinctively look out for themselves when driving, this car may force the driver to look out for strangers, instead. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Will this affect the way that the self-driving car goes over, overall?

Waze Teams Up With The Terminator

Have you ever wanted to listen to the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator while you drive? If so, now you can. Okay, there is probably no one in the world who wished they could hear Terminator musings while driving down a dark and lonely stretch of road. If you are driving in unfamiliar territory and do not know how to get back on the proper route home, listening to Arnold giving you directions in his “Terminator voice” is going to be pretty welcoming.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not known for these types of projects or endorsements, but the actor has opted to sign on with Waze to produce a mobile app that provides people with directions. When you are driving and end up losing your way, all you have to do is tap into the app and allow Arnold (in full Terminator voice!) provide the necessary directions leading to the desired destination. Waze has teamed with Arnold and Terminator: Genisys producers Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions to craft the app.

For those not familiar with Waze, the app is not a startup project. According to Steve Murray, there are currently 50 million people out there using the navigation device. The parent company of Waze is Google and the search engine giant paid well over $1 billion to acquire the app.

Schwarzenegger’s voice offers another benefit. Not only will the “Austrian Oak” help sell the app, Schwarzenegger has found his way into a brilliant promotional endeavor for Terminator: Genisys.

Time Fluctuates In Horizon: Zero Dawn

As covered by Polygon, Guerrilla Games, known for first-person-shooter favorite Killzone series for the Playstation 3 & 4, surprised many with their latest project, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Seemingly devoid of their trademark guns and high-tech cities, Horizon straddles the divide between our progressive present and a brutal prehistoric era that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Qnet recently unveiled snapshots of the game to the public via social media platforms.

Though slight on details, the Amsterdam-based developer showed off Aloy, a young girl part of a nomadic tribe, dressed in animal pelts and armed with a bow, traversing a lush green wilderness that has grown over the remnants of the modern world. Viewers assumed they’d watch the girl hunt some game as she stalked through tall grass but were shocked by the identity of her actual prey.

Drawing comparisons to the cult favorite Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, there are technological elements to be found in this far-flung future though it manifests in different ways.

Traveling in herds and packs, some as tall as her, and others towering over her, leviathan in scale, Aloy stalks and hunts robotic animals which she respectfully refers to as “new life.”

Being part of one of the “first” peoples, Aloy will be able travel an open world at her leisure, taking advantage of natural settings in order to best tackle these robotic beats that roam the land. While she is armed with weapons–as are the robotic animals–Aloy has been described by her developers as having to be more clever than brutal or reactionary in order to best her game. In the demo she is seen as having to trap a large robot–visually similar to a T-rex–by trapping it with cables, pinning it to the ground before being able to scavenge from its body. They made it quite clear that Aloy could never best the larger of these mechanical beasts through force alone.

For now, Guerrilla Games is silent on the larger plot of the game, but Playstation 4 owners can find out for themselves when Horizon: Zero Dawm releases in 2016.

Date Internationally with Anastasia Date

Anastasia Date is an online dating resource that allows individuals to find love and romance internationally. The site can open the scope of searching to find romance not just domestically, but in any part of the world! With internet communication and current travel options being so easily accessible now, it is no wonder that international dating is a viable option. It is obviously important to look at all possibilities when searching for love.

Anastasia Date has four main sites: AnastasiaDate.com, AmoLatina.com, AsianBeauties.com, and AfricaBeauties.com. The women are from over 110 countries and 3 continents, with approximately 4 million members. Offices are based out of locations such as, New York, Moscow, Ukraine, Odessa and China.

Ananstia Date is unlike other dating sites, in that, it offers such a wide variety of options. The site exclusively focuses on the international dating opportunities. Their goal is really to help individuals connect on a deeper level. They understand the value in learning about new and different cultures. They emphasize the importance of being open to the possibility for love in all different areas throughout the world. This is something that other dating sites neglect, but something that Anastasia Date specializes in.

When looking into demographics, the users of Anastasia Date are on average within the 30-60 age group. The U.S. has the most active users, proceeded by the UK, Germany, France and Italy. The site makes money by bringing potential couples together. They strive to bring quality customer service and to introduce the latest forms of technology into use.

The site offers chatting services and is currently working on a mobile application device for Apple and Android products. They are very excited about this element, which will be introduced within a few short weeks. The company is also increasing it’s senior management team. They are continually striving to strengthen this management team and are always looking for new ventures, while accessing new aspects of technology use. The owner also has a published book in the works.

Using Anastasia Date only makes sense in today’s face-paced and overwhelming world of dating. It is so easy to connect with others via the internet. Connecting with another individual is literally only a few clicks away. For a viable and successful opportunity to find love and romance throughout the world, it makes complete sense to give Anastasia Date a try. Why miss out on the opportunity to find your perfect match, which could be hiding anywhere throughout the world!

Taking a Slyce Out of the Competition!

Our handheld devices are truly amazing pieces of technology. By simply downloading an app, your phone can do anything from playing games, to controlling the lights in your home. We are becoming ever more reliant on our smartphones, and because of this, the capabilities of these devices are ever increasing.

Recently we have seen a different kind of technology emerge, that promises to further enhance our lives even more. The technology I’m referring to, is image recognition. By simply taking a photo, or using a picture of an image you’ve found online, you can scan this image and find other pictures, similar in appearance, to the original. This has many useful real-world applications. Let’s say you see a piece of artwork that you absolutely love, but you have no idea who painted it. Or maybe you see an actor on TV, and you simply can’t remember their name. Maybe you need to find out which type of flower is growing in your garden. These are all examples of questions that can be answered by utilizing visual image search technology, that wouldn’t be so easily fixed by doing a web search with text. Simply take a picture with the appropriate app, hit enter, and find the solution!

One company in particular is setting itself apart by using this image recognition technology. Slyce, a leading visual search provider, is utilizing visual imaging technology to help connect you to the brands or products you love. Using state of the art technology, the Slyce product search app is making it easier for customers to shop from their phones in ways that we’ve never thought possible before.

That’s right, with the Slyce product search app, you can now find that new bag you’ve been seeing everybody carrying on the street. That stylish headset that’s become all the rage? Take a picture with Slyce, and find the best deals possible. With a snap of your smart phone camera, no product is off limits. By utilizing state of the art search technology, Slyce has created something unique unto itself.

Slyce isn’t only limited to image searching though, as you can also scan a barcode or QR code. You can even use video or audio to search for your favorite products. Slyce is, at its core, an all-in-one shopping app unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Slyce has managed to create an image search application that has put them on par with the corporate giants, such as Amazon or Google.