Classdojo Raises Additional Funding For Classroom Community App

Classdojo announced that they have raised an additional $21 million in venture funding in support of their classroom community app. The app allows parents, teachers, and students to communicate throughout the year which helps parents see how their children are learning and what they are experiencing in class. Another benefit of the app is that it helps parents talk to their children at home about what they’re learning and gives them ways to support it.

Classdojo gives teachers the ability to let parents know the classroom schedule and they can send text, pictures, and video to the parents of what their child’s work looks like or how they are participating in class. The app is being used to create a strong connection between teachers, parents, and students throughout not just the United States but now across the world. There are teachers in almost two in three elementary and middle schools who are now using Classdojo.  More on

The co-founders of Classdojo are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Liam Don said that that with the new funding they are looking to add staff and expand the capabilities of the app. Some of the features they have discussed adding are custom yearbooks and lessons that students can access at home. Classdojo, which is based in San Francisco, has raised over $31 million so far from venture capitalists.  Source:

Classdojo recently partnered with Stanford University in order to teach children about “growth mindset”. This partnership will result in a five-part series of animations to be used by teachers to explain this concept.


Evolution of Smooth & It’s Take Over of The Oral Care Industry

When it comes to oral care products, lip balms are some of the most popular items on the market. These small cylindrical devices are easy to use and are very convenient. There are literally thousands of products on the market today that come from the hundreds of brands. Chapstick, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees are a few of the top contenders, as of today, these brands have been outdone by a newcomer known as “Evolution of Smooth.”

Evolution of Smooth has been on the market for nine years, but it has gained worldwide attention thanks to it’s beneficial ingredients. These ingredients include antioxidants, vitamins, shea butter, and the lip balms are paraben/sulfate-free. These powerful ingredients create a synergistic explosion of moisture throughout the lips and mouth, which heals dry chapped lips. Unlike it’s competitors, EOS lip balm lacks many of the dangerous chemical additives, which gives the user natural healing affects. Did you know that EOS is now the #1 selling lip balm on the market today? That’s right! Evolution of Smooth is moving over 1 Million units per week, each and every week. Having unofficial celebrity salesmen doesn’t hurt either as the Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian have all been spotted using the products religiously.

The under 35 demographic aka the “Millennials,” are the brand’s biggest supporters. The round attractive appearance of these innovative lip balms seems to strike a chord with this age group. Strategic marketing has also played a huge role in the success here as well. Evolution of Smooth’s social media presence is full of fans and customers alike. The future is looking much more brighter thanks to this eclectic brand and with EOS in charge, the industry will continue to grow well into the future. EOS products are available on Target, Walmart, Costco and many other online stores.

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Susan McGalla; A woman determined to prove that she can become the best in the business industry.

In most parts of the world, women are viewed as people whose main work is giving birth and staying at home taking care of the children. Men, on the other hand, are allowed to indulge in the business industry and get a higher education. In the modern world, women have been seen to prove this concept wrong as more women are getting involved in the business and political world. Women have become confident to the point of taking leadership positions in various multi-billion companies and the government. One woman who has not been afraid to engage in the business industry and led people to prosperity is Susan McGalla.

Susan has been able to make a name for herself as an executive consultant and a businesswoman. To many, Susan is a corporate retail expert who is willing to offer consultation to those who individuals in need of her services. Susan was born and raised in East Liverpool together with her two brothers. Ever since she was young, Susan always wanted to make it in life, and she knew if she had to succeed in her white collar career, she had to get a good education. With this in mind, Susan decided to join Mount Union College where she earned her degree in business and marketing. After her graduation, Susan’s career journey began at Joseph Horne Company where she was responsible for various managerial and marketing positions.

She later decided to join American Eagle Outfitters after leaving Joseph Horne Company. She worked as a divisional merchandise buyer for female clothing while working at American Eagle Outfitters while holding various managerial positions to later becoming the chief merchandising officer and president of the firm. She apparently knew that she had to start from the bottom for her to be successful. After gaining the required experience, McGalla decided to leave American Eagle Inc to become a consultant for both retail and financial investment firms. As a private consultant, she gained the opportunity of dictating how she would do her work and how to interact with her clients. This pushed her to open her firm P3 Executive Consulting where she offers expert insight on matters dealing with corporate retail helping other fashion firms responds to the volatile market.

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Maggie Gill is an Outstanding Healthcare Professional

Maggie Gill is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Savannah-based Memorial Health Medical Center. The medical institute has more than six hundred beds and serves over thirty counties in Georgia and South Carolina. In 2004, Maggie joined the medical center as Vice President Managed Care & Finance. She became the Chief Operating Officer in 2005. Maggie was promoted to CEO and President in 2011.

Maggie Gill is responsible for the leadership of Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and Physician leaders. It is her responsibility to manage orthopedic and neuroscience programs, perioperative services, corporate communications, Memorial Health University Physicians, financial assistance, trauma services, Heart & Vascular Institute, physician relations, facilities management, and government relations. As the CEO, she initiated Excellence Centers led by Physicians, increased clinical services, and construction of more facilities. In 2006, a turnaround of thirty million dollars was yielded due to her initiatives.

Maggie Gill has an excellent academic record. She attended Florida State University for BA in English Language and Literature. She took admission in MBA at Saint Leo University in 1996. At Wharton School, she completed the coursework majoring in management and strategic thinking. In 1994, Maggie joined Florida-based Tenet Healthcare as Chief Financial Officer. From 2001 to 2003, she consecutively received the award for Outstanding Chief Financial Officer.

At Tenet Healthcare, she served for ten years during which she was working with three different hospitals. They included Hialeah City-based Palmetto General Hospital, Miami-based North Shore Medical Center, and Florida-based Coral Gables Hospital. Outside her job, Maggie is associated with various institutes and is an Associate Professor at Mercer University. She is American Hospital Association’s Governing Council member. Georgia Rural Health appointed her to the Stabilization Committee. Maggie is also Member Board of Governors at Mercer University. Maggie is also included in the State Medicaid Subcommittee for expansion in Medicaid.

Becker’s Hospital Review on November 2016 named Maggie Gill among the “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to know.” Within a month, Maggie Gill received another honor when her name was included in the “130 Women Hospital and Health System Leaders to know” list by Becker.


How Doug Levitt’s absurd technique helped in creating awareness.

People have different ways they might decide to create awareness of a certain issue. Other might choose to go to the media and let the issue aired live or hold campaigns to help in raising awareness. Doug Levitt had his own way of creating awareness that was different and unique and attracted a lot of people. He decided to drive in Greyhound buses across the State with the whole aim of gathering songs, stories, memories and pictures of individuals who used the buses as a mode of transportation. It is well known that America is a nation where one rides in a bus unless he/she has to. With this in mind, Doug had a great opportunity of being in contact with people from different walks of life. He named the project, Greyhound Diaries. As he was traveling, he wrote songs and stories of what he was experiencing and learning.

When asked what inspired him to do so, he argued that the fact the Works Progress Administration –era projects was able to serve the society by all mean without the help of the government inspired him. The project was able to help those individuals who were suffering from poverty in a substantial capacity. Not many people can decide to go ahead and help the poor considering there is no government intervention, but the Works Progress Administration-era projects were able.

All that Doug Levitt was able to accomplish and experience all started by him first going to school and acquiring the required education. He studied at Cornell University and later mastered in International Relations from London School of Economics after earning a scholarship. It is still in London where Levitt started his career as a songwriter as a profession, and this led to collaborating with one of American best music Producer, David Henry. Henry is the same person who played the Instrumental during the Greyhound Diaries production.

For six weeks, Doug had decided to carry his guitar and bag and board the Greyhound bus something that was absurd. From interviewing the travelers, he was able to write songs based on poverty and issues faced by the poor people. Through this, he created awareness when he shared his songs and stories, and individuals were able to know what was going on beyond the daily headlines. Though it was an absurd way of creating awareness, he was able to do it, and this made him proud of what he did.

The Strategic Opportunities Conference & Community Banking

For the past five years, community banking professionals has something special to look forward to and it’s known as the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. Hosted by the Texas Bankers Association, this event is about any and all things community banking related. It’s designed to keep the industry in “the know” and to further improve it’s capabilities in all aspects of the field. Unlike years of the past, community banking has stepped it’s game up thanks to the implementation of advanced technology. Being in such a futuristic age, banking can now be done at anytime of day or night. With such innovative options, these smaller styled institutions can now compete at a much higher level.

The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference epitomizes the industry and what it is capable of becoming. Advisers, consultants, and banking leaders joined this special event every year to discuss the politics of this exclusive industry. No matter the case, whether it’s issues, challenges, organic growth, or branching, all participants will leave with a better understanding of what’s to come in the future and where the industry is headed. President and CEO of NexBank Capital attended as a panelist last year and he well represented the Dallas, Texas based branch. John Holt also shared his perspectives, gave sound advice, and voiced his opinions along with other industry leaders.

Being such an affluent banking center, NexBank Capital offers many different services such as treasury management, public funds, warehouse lending, mortgage support, credit services, agency services, online banking, and many more. The bank even supports other financial institutions with valuable services as well as large corporations and middle market companies. NexBank and the Strategic Opportunities Conference is a winning combination with it’s one-two punch.


TechStyle Technical Aspects Handled By Adam Goldenberg

TechStyle is one of the companies that is changing the game with fashion. Among the ways that TechStyle is influencing the fashion industry is in the way it is offering and selling products. The brands of TechStyle put the customer at the center of the brand. While some might say that this is true for every company that sells products and services, it is TechStyle that takes it to the next level on LinkedIn. For one thing, the customers are consulted before and after the offering of products. New members are given a quiz to see what their style is. This is to help the company come up with some new and unique items.

Adam Goldenberg is one of the people that are behind this approach of sales. Customers are made to feel like they are cared about by brands like Fabletics more than with other companies. Adam is looking at ways of profiting without cutting corners. He is also maintaining an ethical way of doing business. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics is outdoing fast fashion companies. Adam Goldenberg has made sure that the people that are creating the clothes have done so in a safe environment. He has found other ways of saving money for the customers and the company.

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Adam has taken the time to do a lot of research so that he would know what to do and what not to do as a fashion seller. People who shop at the TechStyle brands get to enjoy some of the latest and fun styles while being sure that it is not at anyone’s expense. After all, this is one of the reasons that people are starting to avoid fast fashion. They have seen some of the aspects of the practices. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg has decided that he wanted to offer an alternative to fast fashion.

This type of alternative caters to the individual. The customer is given more power to decide what she wants. This is almost like having a tailor. With TechStyle, women get to experience their confidence and self esteem rise up to higher levels because of the elegance of the clothes and accessories offered.

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Rona Borre Shines with Instant Alliance

                         Rona Borre is always looking for ways

Instant Alliance is IT Company that deals with staffing and recruitment. It is located in Chicago, and it has missions and visions that for a firm to succeed in business, it must make use of people. When it comes to the success of your business, it is important to ensure that you have the best IT experts because today technology is advancing and businesses should go along with technology. Rona Borre is the best concerning the identification of talent. She is the best for that work. Companies are sure that with the services of this company, they can excel.  Check this site.


Rona Borre has a passion for developing the talent of young people. That is why she started Instant Alliance so that she can help young people who want to establish a career in Information Technology. Borre is always happy to see businesses succeed and that is why she does everything to ensure that they get the right candidates who can work and enable the organizations to achieve great success in their endeavors.

According to, Instant Alliance deals with two types of staffing. They deal with staffing concerning technology as well as staffing regarding finance.


She works with different organizations to give the best staffing that any company can get. She has a way of identifying talent and ensures that she has connected such a talent with the right people. If you a business owner, you know that people are the best resource for the growth of your company. Instant Alliance knows that, and that is why Rona Borre is always looking for ways to serve her clients who have found her useful for their organizations.


Eric Pulier: Man On A Mission

The world we live in has many unbelievable and intelligent individuals. These individuals span across many fields of work whether it’s government, health care, medical care, education, etc. Unfortunately many of these talented people never receive the credit that’s long over due and Eric Pulier is no exception. Eric Pulier is known by many as a technologist, philanthropist, author, guest speaker, entrepreneur, as well as an investor. The guy has literally founded up to 15 companies during his day and he sold his last founded company for $350 Million. This man has does some truly amazing things and his passion started as a child whom grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey.

In just the fourth grade, Pulier programmed his very first computer and by high school, he had started a computer database company. That right there is more than enough for most of us average people, but Eric Pulier was destined for greatness. Between the years of 1984-1988 he studied at the prestigious Harvard University. The American/English Major held a full schedule as he was the editor and column writer for The Harvard Crimson publication. Around this time Pulier took classes at the neighboring school of MIT. This dedication surely set him apart from his peers and by 1988 he would graduate magna cum laude. The year was now 1991 and Eric Pulier began his professional career in Los Angeles. One of his first founded companies was known as People Doing Things and it used advanced technology to resolve issues in education and healthcare. He even developed one of the first private social media networks for chronically ill children as well.

U.S Interactive, Digital Evolution, FLY, Akana Software, XPRIZE, and Service Mesh Inc is just a few of his companies, but Pulier always gave back to society through charitable donations. The guy has literally invested hundred of thousands of dollars into tech start-up companies as well as invested millions into his very own capital venture deals. All in all, the story isn’t over as the future has much more in store for this brilliant minded individual.

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Todd Lubar Career

Todd Lubar is known to many as the chief executive officer of a company known as TDL Global Ventures. The successful businessman is based in the United States of America. At the moment, Todd Lubar is also the vice president of Legendary Investments. He has done a lot in his career, bringing many changes, especially in the real estate industry.

Todd Lubar went for his studies at the Sidwell Friends School, located in Washington DC. He spent ten years in this school before going for his high school education at the Peddie School Hightstown. He attended the Syracuse University where he eventually graduated in the year 1995. In the university, Lubar specialized in speech communication.

According to, after getting his degree, Lubar started his career by working at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked for this company from 1995 up to 1999. He was given several responsibilities in this business, and he performed all of them completely. He acquired a lot of skills in this company, but he decided to look for greener pastures in 1999.

Lubar was employed by the Legacy Financial Group in the year 1999. At this financial institution, Lubar helped in growing the Maryland office to a successful unit. He worked in this institution for more than five years. He acquired a lot of experience in the company, making him get an appointment as the vice president of an organization known as Charter Funding. The organization is located on the outskirts of Arizona. He worked as the vice president of the company for two years.

According to his page, in the year 2007 and 2008, the mortgage industry had to undergo some serious changes due to the financial crisis, and this forced the businessman to diversify into other activities. This forced him to focus on financial services. He did quite well in this industry, forming several networks.

At the moment, Lubar resides in Bethesda, Maryland. Todd lives with his wife and two kids. When he is not working at his company, Todd Lubar loves spending time with his children and traveling to different locations. He focuses on growing and becoming a better person every day. He is also involved in philanthropic activities. To learn more, visit his website:

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