Recipe for success

Working hard becomes a tradition, a serious kind of fun. You get self-satisfaction from pushing yourself to the limit, knowing that all the effort is going to pay off. A dream doesn’t become veracity through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and continuous hard work. If it weren’t hard, everyone else would have done it, some would’ve even done it better, but it’s the hard that makes it great and sets the point in. When you work hard enough, other people tend to want to be associated with you, your greatness makes you recognized by your efforts. Hard working people are always acknowledged and known by the work of their hands; Dan Newlin is one such example.

Newlin is a South and Central Florida-based attorney that has received a lot of recognition for his practice. He has grown a lot of experience from the practice over the years, and his skill is evidently present in his work. Newlin started out as a sheriff’s detective as a means to aid the injured with professional legal services. Through this, he has gotten the chance to help out a broad grouping of clientele including both high and low profile clients. Newlin works along with a team of highly qualified legal gurus to bring eminent legal aid to clients; that has grossed them the appellation, Super Lawyer Law Firm. His team consists of 18 highly accredited lawyers with well over 75 employees to his name.

Newlin has helped recover over 150 million US dollars from accident related injuries and losses. He takes his clients very seriously preferring a direct approach form of servicing that ensures he gets to meet his clients and communicate with them on a personal level. His clients remain loyal to the firm as a result of this. Newlin has worked his way to the top. Hard work is always the recipe for success in any field whatsoever; it won’t at all times get you to the top, but it will get you pretty near.

Why Nobilis Health Has Remained at the Top?

Nobilis Health is a reputed healthcare development and management firm that is publicly traded and a dual listed company on TSX (NHC) and NYSE (HLTH). Its overall leadership incorporates establishing and managing more than 100 surgical centers. Nobilis primary objective is to continue providing high-quality medical services at the most competitive charges in the healthcare sector. A majority of patients who have used Nobilis services claim that they are unique and affordable. The firm is also a leading innovator in the industry. Nobilis’ Core Competencies Include: -Establishing and managing various surgical centers -Providing legal services to clients -Partnering with other firms -Financing -Point-of-care marketing -Physical marketing -Patient lead management -Traditional: print/ TV/ outdoors -Digital: web/ search -Direct-to- client marketing -Patient recruitment -Marketing -Staff management -Facilities management -Revenue cycle management Nobilis Has Expertise in Many Specialties Nobilis health partners with specialists to own, develop, and operate multiple outpatient surgery centers in the Texas, Houston, and Dallas markets. Also, Nobilis owns and manages one urgent care clinic and two imaging centers in Houston. Working closely with physician partners has enabled the firm to provide extensive network of highly-skilled surgeons across various specialties including: -Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology) -Gastrointestinal Scopes -General Surgery -Podiatry -Orthopedic Surgery -Pain Management -Spine Surgery Nobilis Has acquired Northstar Health Inc. In early December 2014, Nobilis purchased Northstar as part of the strategy for expanding its operations in the US. The firm was allowed to commence trading on the TSX under the name (Nobilis Health Corp) before its final clearance with TSX. Northstar was a well-established company that had been partnering with many physicians in the ownership and control of acute care healthcare services and ambulatory facilities. The firm owned and operated five ambulatory surgery centers in Scottsdale, Dallas, and Houston. During the third quarter of 2014, the company reported substantial record revenues and $1.5 Million in EBITDA. Nobilis Partners with GE Capital Closing $25 Million Debt Financing Facility Early April, 2015, Nobilis acquired a USD25 million debt financing facility with GE Capital that provides Healthcare Financial services. The facility will be utilized to enhance the company’s growth strategies providing a crucial revolving source for working capital and repaying part of Nobilis’ outstanding indebtedness such as the one (USD 12 million seller’s note) related to the firm’s acquisition of Athas Health toward the end of 2014. The successful completion of the transaction helped Nobilis to achieve one of its 2015 objectives that were aimed at minimizing the company’s average borrowing costs and streamlining Nobilis capital structure. Partnering with GE Capital will also boost the company’s prospected growth in the coming years. GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services (HFS) is a reputed capital provider in the United States healthcare sector. In 2014, the firm provided not less than $10.5 billion financing and recorded over 240 transactions. In conclusion, Nobilis Healthcare Corp. is dedicated to continuing offering superior services to all its esteemed customers and prospects. Acquiring other reputed healthcare firms is a fundamental strategy that the company employs to expand its operation. Working with well-established capital providers such as GE Capital will help Nobilis to reduce borrowing costs and stimulate more growth.

Cipher Cloud: Security Around the Clock

Ever since I was a child, I enjoyed making things. Both of my parents were creative people in their own ways and they always encouraged my endeavors. Dad had a little workshop set up in the garage and was constantly tinkering with things. Mom enjoyed sewing and other crafts, both indoors and outdoors. They both had full-time jobs and did their crafting as a hobby.

Of course, I wanted to be in the middle of it all. Dad showed me several things about
woodworking and small motors, while Mom taught me how to paint. When I was not outdoors or playing sports, I was honing my skills as an artist. I had a passion to learn and hoped that I could
sell my creations one day.

Dad said that his dad, my grandfather, had been a clocksmith. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away before I was born and I never met him. We had a beautiful clock on our mantle that Grandpa had handmade. The intricate carving was flawless and the clock kept meticulous time. The more I thought about that clock, the more I thought about making one.

A chance conversation with my school shop teacher was the catalyst that molded my future. My teacher said that I had an excellent aptitude for woodworking and asked if I planned on pursuing a career in carpentry. I told him how much I enjoyed working with wood and was interested in clock something. After he did some research, he had a packet of information for me from a vocational college that had courses in clock something.

I was able to take some of these classes while I was still in my senior year of high school. I was fascinated with how the little gears pulled together to make a clock. Not only is clock making an exact science, it is also an art. From Big Ben to the smallest wrist watch, we learned about how clocks function for time and design.

When I got my clock something certificate, I received an internship at a prestigious company that produces handmade time pieces. I have been with the company for about six months now and love my job. Ours are not the modern digital clocks and watches. We still use intricate Swiss movements that were used for a couple of centuries.

We do a lot of business on the Internet and need to keep the integrity of our clients’ personal information. Our technology director uses Cipher Cloud to protect all of our information. In a day when identity theft and Internet hacking are a constant threat, Cipher Cloud protects our cloud-based data system. We can conduct our business with confidence and know that our clientele files will not be compromised. Like the perfect time piece, we can count on Cipher Cloud.

CCMP Capital and the Man Who Paved the Way: Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm located in New York. It operates globally, and has invested over $16 billion for various growth and buyout equity transactions since 1984. With the combination of industry experience and proprietary operating resources, their investments are targeted in four sectors: Energy, healthcare, industrial, and consumer retail. With all of their years of superb service along with their value creation model and active management, they’ve gained an outstanding reputation of being a world class investment partner. Additionally, the acronym, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is representative of this organization’s heritage organizations, which include Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufactures Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan, and Partners. They also became an independent firm in August 2006. Additionally, they continue to manage J.P Morgan Partners’ private equity portfolio.

One of CCMP Capital’s major players was known as Stephen “Steve” P. Murray. He passed away in March 2015, when his last call of duty was the president and CEO of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on nypost. His legacy is something to be very proud of, due to his many years of commendable service, education, and philanthropy efforts. In 1984, he received his bachelors degree in economics from Boston College. During that same year, he became involved in the credit analyst training program at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. In 1989, he received his masters degree from Columbia Business School in business administration, and during that same year, he joined MH Equity Corporation. The MH Equity Corporation was a combination of its leveraged finance unit and the Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group. In 2005, Mr. Murray became the buyout business head for JP Morgan Partners, and he co-founded CCMP Capital, which derived from the growth equity team and buyout of the private equity group of JP Morgan Chase in August 2006. He then became the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007. He also served as a board member of different major companies that include Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, Cabela’s, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott, AMC Entertainment, Generac Power Systems, and Aramark.

As mentioned above, he also was greatly instrumental in his philanthropy efforts. He supported Columbia Business School, Stamford Museum, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Boston College, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. He also was Boston College’s vice chairman of the board of trustees, and a member of the chairman’s council of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

Steven Murray was a great pioneer and an outstanding leader for CCMP Capital, a globally private equity firm located in New York that’s been in business since 1984. They have also invested over $16 billion for various equity transactions. Murray’s hard work and devotion in private equity and philanthropy has tremendously benefitted millions in various ways, in which he has left behind an amazing legacy.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy? Hope So

There are several things to remember when you get a dog. One of them is to make sure that they are healthy and are taken cared of, but you need to remember that they are real living beings and need to be protected and provided with shelter, food, water, and love. Keeping your dog healthy is all about helping them live a healthy lifestyle and providing them with powerful products like Beneful for safety. The biggest thing others tend to forget about is the power behind just a few specific small changes to their habits and daily lifestyle. Keeping Your Dog Healthy – Exercising Spending at least 30 minutes to an hour per day getting some exercise with your dog is the way to go in order to help them stay active. Spending some quality time with them and their exercise can make a huge difference to their overall health. Exercising can involve just going for a quick run, jogging, or doing some fun activities at the park. This keeps both you and your dog healthy and active every single day. Keeping your dog healthy is all a matter of doing consistent work on their health so that they remain active and moving. – Sleep Schedule Providing them with a complete sleep schedule is a great way to allow for them to grow and get the rest that they need. Make sure you have them sleep at the same time every single day to jell them stay energized evert single day. A great sleep schedule for them to follow could be just the same one that you may follow unless you happen to not be sleeping at a specific time consistently.

Financial Gains Made By Using TRUCEPT

TRUCEPT is a company that has changed the cost saving strategies for small businesses by changing the way that they operate. What TRUCEPT does is when a client company hires them for human resources, payroll, tax and insurance services, TRUCEPT takes on those responsibilities and becomes the “employer of record”. What that means is that on the employee paychecks and withholding statements, TRUCEPT is listed as the company they’re employed with and their employer ID is used. However, the company paying for TRUCEPT’s services is still in control of all the employees’ day to day tasks. What this has done is create a huge time and savings benefit to the paying company so that they can just focus on the operations and overall direction of the company while letting TRUCEPT take care of the hiring and payroll process.

The man who has pioneered this idea and supported TRUCEPT’s business model is Dr. Brian Bonar, a graduate of both Strathclyde and Staffordshire universities and a genius entrepreneur in his field. The business model is called a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), a step up from a staffing service and quite different than other employment agencies, a PEO enters into a working partnership with a client company and handles certain tasks that they might otherwise not be able to afford doing on their own. Bonar has served in various financial management capacities on other companies including QMS inc, Adaptec, and has also served on the board of Alliance National Insurance.

Bonar has also overseen software and program developments for his various companies, including SmartTek, an application that tracks the payroll time information and employee activities for TRUCEPT. He has also overseen new marketing and development strategies with another company, ITEC (Imaging Technologies Inc). ITEC has manufactured and distributed image printing hardware and software and now they are integrating it with a full network support system.

Human Rights, the Human Condition, and Yeonmi Park

One of the problems with human nature is that we all too often turn a blind eye to things that do not directly affect us. Sometimes we may get outraged at a social media post of some minor injustice, but rarely do we do anything other than shake our heads and go on our way. As our world gets smaller with increasing globalization, things on the other side of the planet do begin to affect us, and injustices done to other peoples should outrage us into action more than maybe posting a brief and scathing comment.

Recently a young woman by the name of Yeonmi Park has reminded many people of the human rights abuses of her native North Korea. Park lived there until she and her mother were able to defect and begin a new life of freedom in Seoul, South Korea. Her journey to freedom was long and included many cases of misery and further abuse along the way, including the rapes of both her and her mother.

Yet, Park has summoned her courage and found a voice on that speaks out against not only the North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un but all those that abuse the basic human rights of people everywhere. She uses her own narrative to paint a picture of cruelty, torture and even death at the hands of people seeking only to oppress and profit from their citizens and fellow human beings.

The idea of human rights began many centuries ago. Philosophers have long argued that there are basic freedoms that should be enjoyed by every living person. Shortly after the second World War, the newly created United Nations drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document that outlines those fundamental rights.

Park lived in North Korea during a time when the country was a well-known violator of human rights. For example, North Koreans still cannot speak out and protest the actions of their government, nor practice any type of religion. These actions are punished by torture, being sentenced to one of the many hard labor camps, or even by death. The media is strictly controlled and employment and access to education are limited by the state.

The condition of the North Koreans is important to everyone. This is not because the people represent a threat to anyone outside of their country, but because the way we allow others to be treated is a reflection of our own humanity. To tolerate the abuse of another human being makes us no better than the abusers. These are the ideas that are central to Park’s discourse. While Park remains hopeful that North Korea communism will eventually fall as it has in China and Vietnam, the injustices of the Kim dictatorship should be punished at least in the court of international opinion.

Park has spoken at many venues including a TEDx presentation, the One Young World summit in Dublin, and at the Oslo Freedom Forum. Her interviews have appeared or seen in many national and international media outlets and her autobiography In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom was recently published.


Doe Deere is a name that comes up quite often when it comes to the makeup industry. The products associated with her name have earned her some loyal, satisfied customers and interested fans. She was born on June 15th, 1981 in Russia where she lived until 1998 when she moved to the USA and made New York home with her mother and sister. At this time, she was 17 years old. Doe founded the company Lime Crime on October 2008 and were its current CEO. She founded the company after a few years as an online makeup artist. During this time, she desired to work with intense colors that were still made into high-quality products but these products were not yet available on the market. Therefore, she decided to do something about it. This is what motivated her to establish a makeup line and eventually form her company where she is also the company’s chief creative officer. She comes up with different colors and assortments to enhance beauty making an impression and please her clients.
Lime Crime is a brand for women’s makeup. The company deals with bold colors that encourage women not to shy off when it comes to bright, outstanding shades. They also encourage women to be bold and try new styles as she improves, updates her designs and comes up with new ones often. The company deals with a wide range of products from eye shadow palettes, different rainbow-colored liquid eyeliners, a wide variety of loose pigments, a set of pastel nail polish, glittery lip gloss, and its renowned lipsticks.
Doe Deere attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York for a while studying fashion design and illustrations. She can speak both English and Russian. She is quite skilled in the following: social media marketing and marketing, in general, beauty and cosmetics, entrepreneurship, brand development and management, photography, fashion, public relations and blogging. In the few years she has been in the field, she has gained an experience that prompts her to do better.
Deere is concerned about animal welfare and loves to read. She finds her inspiration from fashion, in general, music and photography. When coming up with new products for Lime Crime from the start of her company, she has always combined the idea of fantasy with reality to bring forth great products that have a fairy tale touch to them. She does not follow the rules or allow herself to be restrained by the status quo but delves forward to come up with products from her envisioned fairy tales eventually coming up with fascinating products.
Doe Deere has been featured in a couple of magazines and by several bloggers and her husband, Mark helps her with her company. She has dared to do what others have not by incorporating the fantasies she had as a child into her creations as an adult. Truly, she has managed to do phenomenal work and become a sensation to the modern fashionable woman.

Sergio Cortes Might Well Be the King of Jackson Impersonators

It goes without saying that Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. He’s arguably the most famous and influential musician of his and the following generation. His passing has left a deep longing in his fans for more performances. And in a sense the cry for content has been heard. There’s quite a few Michael Jackson impersonators out there at the moment. But if there’s a king of pop, who’s the king of Jackson impersonators? Most Jackson fans familiar with the phenomenon won’t have to ponder the question for very long before coming up with an answer. There’s been one impersonator who’s been catching people’s attention for quite some time. And that man is MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

Of course to be the best there’s a need to differentiate oneself from the competition. It goes without saying that Cortes has been able to do so. One of the biggest reasons is his physical resemblance to Jackson. Most impersonators have only a faint resemblance to the person they’re impersonating. With Cortes, the resemblance came first. In fact, the main reason he began impersonating Jackson was due to the demands of friends and family. Growing up the resemblance to a young Michael Jackson was obvious. So obvious that people were constantly asking him to sing, dance, or generally just take on the persona.

This is also what allowed him to hone his skills far beyond that of any contemporary. Youth brings with it quite a few advantages. It provides a vast amount of time to learn and hone skills. And it also provides one with the mental flexibility to easily pick up on things which usually prove difficult for adults. In the same way that younger people can more easily pick up on new languages better than adults, so did a young Cortes pick up on how to imitate another person.

This youthful devotion to Jackson gradually turned into a more refined mastery of the various aspects of Jackson’s life. And this, of course, also led to a great deal of attention from the people around him. That interest also included local press. And in the same way that interest from local press quickly blossomed into worldwide attention. It quickly became clear to everyone who saw him perform that he was more than another impersonator in a crowd. The same could be said for those who heard him speak as well. It was clear that he wasn’t just a Jackson impersonator. Sergio Cortes is the king of imitating the King of Pop.

When A Pet Owner Buys Dog Food They Should Purchase Beneful

Pet owners that are struggling with a dog that is very slow, sluggish, or lazy may need to examine the food that the dog eats every day. Dog food is something that every dog needs, not the food that people eat. Although pet owners may choose to give their dogs human food once in a while, it’s not recommended that a dog should eat anything that a human consumes. Regular food can contain a lot of fat, calories, sugar, salt and more, and all of these things can be bad for a dog. If a dog only eats dog food and a still sluggish, then something is wrong.

It may be that there’s not enough energy giving ingredients in the dog food that a dog is consuming, and that’s why they are slowing down. If a dog is not getting enough exercise, that may also be a reason why the dog is being lazy. Imagine a person who hasn’t exercised in years, what’s the likeliness that they will be able to keep up with daily tasks without becoming tired after a while? If a daily task includes walking, going up the stairs, or doing something other than driving a car, it’s likely that the person will get tired or even winded.

A dog is very similar to a human, and the less exercise a dog gets, the less likely they are to be active. A dog walking from one place to another in a home is not considered exercise. A dog should get out each day and exercise as much as possible. No matter how much a dog exercises, it all goes back to the food they eat. If a dog is eating dog food that gives them enough energy, then it’s unlikely that they will have the energy to exercise. If the dog doesn’t exercise, then they may end up being lazy.

Go to the very root of a dog’s problem, and start feeding the dog better food like Beneful. Beneful is a premier food for any dog, especially since it has energy-giving ingredients that can help a dog get up and go. The dog will gain more energy by eating Beneful brand foods from Purinastore, and the energy they gain may help them to exercise more. Once a dog gets enough energy to exercise regularly, then the pet owner will see that the dog becomes less lazy over time. It’s even possible that the dog may look forward to walking every day after a while.

The first step to fixing a dog’s problem when they are lazy is by buying them Beneful brand foods since it has all around nutrition. Once the dog starts eating Beneful on a regular basis, it’s likely that they will have more energy. Take the dog on a walk every day if possible, and begin increasing the amount of time that the walk takes. Eating Beneful and giving a dog exercise should help them to become much more energetic.