How to Make A Wikipedia Page That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Many expert Wikipedia writers for hire are contributors to the site. A large number are non-professional writers that like the idea of posting content on one of the most visited sites online. The online encyclopedia attracts millions of viewers searching for relevant information on a wide variety of topics daily. However, composing articles does take a certain amount of skill. Writing articles for the site is clearly very challenging, even for some experienced writers. Still, a Wikipedia page that is written according to guidelines will get your business noticed more than some traditional advertising methods. 

Wikipedia Turns Fifteen
Wikipedia has been around for over a decade. Wikipedia is still growing and attracting billions of visitors yearly. During those fifteen years, the site has blossomed and flourished. Myths have also flourished about the site. Some myths are based on the truth, while others are just plain exaggeration of the truth. A few of the top myths involve the creation, the founder, and the altruistic nature of the contributors. All the contributors are advocates of free knowledge. Let’s face facts. The male dominated contributors are definitely human. Many have ulterior motives for contributing to the site. Some have a grudge against certain organizations, while others simply like the idea of writing material that is read by millions instantly. The fact is that the site has amazing potential for anyone that would like to improve their personal or professional image.

Get Your Wiki
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George Soros Speaks Out

George Soros is known on Forbes as the world’s richest hedge fund billionaire. He is also known for expressing his opinions on the political scene, and the world’s economy. Soros is famous for in
1992, breaking the Bank of England. Now in semi-retirement, his opinions can still move markets. Soros is a top campaign contributor on the current political scene.
Recently, at the World Economics Forum in Davos, George Soros used an interview to express himself on a variety of subjects. His standout quote was:
“Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS.”
Soros was referring to Trump’s anti-immigrant stance. He felt almost the same way about Ted Cruz. He predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election in a landslide. Soros thinks such proposals as closing United States borders to Muslims might cause the Muslim community to think terrorism is the only route for them to take. He believes ISIS is on the run and their days are numbered as a major terrorist organization, and that the countries of Iraq and Syria would win back the territory ISIS has gained recently.
Soros mentioned his own past when during his teenage years he was a refugee from Nazi-occupied Hungary for fifteen years. He was educated in England, and later moved to New York City where he began his investment career at F.M Meyer and Wertheim and Company in the 1950s.
Soros said immigrants were treated better back in the days when he was one. He now feels like he has a responsibility to speak up for them.
Turning to economic issues, Soros was critical of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in December. He thinks they acted too late for it to have an impact on the current economic situation. Soros doesn’t think this is the time to buy for investors. He thinks that selling if you have to would be the best move.

George Soros Views Market as Misleading

George Soros, the Hungarian-born investor renowned for the prolific Quantum Fund, recently shared his thoughts on about the direction of the market.

The latter half of 2015 showed volatile market swings with declining oil prices, political uncertainty, and the threat of ISIL all contributing. Understanding the longevity of some of these factors, George Soros shared his opinion:

“The financial markets generally are unpredictable. So that one has to have different scenarios. … The idea that you can actually predict what’s going to happen contradicts my way of looking at the market.”

Soros is a classic contrarian to traditional investing, viewing the current market as a poor predictor of future performance.

These contrarian views can be verified by looking at the biotech market of late:
While the iShares Nasdaq Biotech ETF has risen over the past 5 years, prompting some pundits to decry it as a bubble, underlying company valuations tell a different story.

Gilead Sciences, the biotechnology company that manufactures therapeutics, showed relative underperformance at the end of 2015 after a decline in share value in September. This is in contrast to its projected 30% revenue growth for 2015, giving credence to Soros belief that market value rarely aligns with reality.

In contrast, a genomics-based drug discovery company Exelixis rose in value at the end of 2015 after success with cancer and melanoma treatment, leading to a 240% gain in share price. Relying on market valuations for your predictions here would clearly lead astray. George Soros, however, is right on target.

Looking ahead into 2016, George Soros’ wisdom could provide significant insight into market changes, in addition to the perspective needed to capitalize on immediate fluctuations. By relying on logical evaluation instead of the emotional upheaval created by market volatility and false prediction, we can move forward with a sober and more complete picture of the markets, as well as the national economic changes to come.

Flavor First With Beneful and Company Products

Personalizing your dog’s food is something that one of the Nestle’s company is doing. Nutrition is most important but every dog has a favorite taste combination. Colgate-Palmolive is giving people the opportunity to make their own food choices. This is an important step to getting dogs to eat what they need to eat, especially when they need to lose weight. Nutrition is first and foremost but the taste is what gets the dog to eat this nutritious meal.

Another dog food making the news is Mars Petcare. This pet food company is working to bring farm fresh fruits such as cranberries and blueberries into dog food mixes. Having fruit in the mix gives pets the fantastic sweet taste that they love. Mars is working to bring the harvested fruits from garden to table with their new Nutro Harvest Line of dog food.

For the dogs that love duck and beef, dog food companies Cesar from Mars and Smuckers are hitting it off great. Which dog would not like duck jerky? According to the article in the Daily Herald, dog food companies like Beneful are going out of their way to create foods people will love.

Most people love their pets enough to want to provide the best in nutrition. Food is very important to their overall health and well-being. Beneful dog food helps with giving your dog the nutrition he or she needs. Most dogs that eat Beneful have their favorite flavor. Beneful is not only delicious but nutritious. 

Beneful is making other dog food companies jealous with their dog treats and dog chews. A doggy chew that cleans teeth is wonderful. Most dog owners do not like having to brush the dog’s teeth so they are very grateful for the dental chews that Beneful on en.wikipedia sales. Look for new and exciting products in the future. If your dog loves to eat from the table, make sure your dog gets to try some of the new foods that taste like burgers, jerky, lasagna, and stroganoff. Flavor is everything. Dog food must taste good. Choose your flavors carefully and visit the information on the article to see new innovative products on the way.

Who Is Handy? Why HomeJoy Is Closing

HomeJoy has officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. This bankruptcy appeared about five months after the company once announced that they would eventually shut down. The company was once known for having David Hasselhoff in their main commercial and also providing users with the chance to get home cleaning and repair at the best rates. People had the option to hire a top notch cleaning service in the comfort of their own home without using an outside resource.

They explained that their closing is mainly due to many challenges involved with this specific industry and the work involved. There was plenty of overleaf classification lawsuits that opened up, revenue problems, and other similar issues that forced them to close down. Many startups have been plagued with lawsuit similar to this that can have their position to change which may make it difficult for the startup to pay them at a good rate and save money.

For companies like Handy, they have raised millions in funding that have allowed them to partner with the right people and give contractors the right pay that they deserve.

Handy makes it super easy to be able to provide you with all the right access to help you find the right home cleaner. With thousands of people in their cleaning marketplace across the United States, they can help you find the right contractor for your needs specifically. As an app, they make it easy to setup an appointment with a cleaning contractor to come straight to your home and also fit within your budget. With its simplistic platform, they make it easy to get the right for the job. With an extensively talented team and high standards for their staff, you will find that they strive to provide top notch service at great prices.

Handy is ultimately one of the best things you could ever invest in. They have a wide range of different people in their lineup who can help you get everything you need done. Handy is a reliable company with professional service, and they are here to last in business for longer than HomeJoy did.

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In investment banking are institutions that employ investment bankers to help different organizations raise capital or advice on mergers to the companies. In the world of investment banking, one of the famous names is Kenneth Griffins. Ken Griffin is the CEO of Citadel and its founder. Kenneth Griffin started his investment business back when he was at Harvard University. Ken Griffin had an ambition that he worked hard to make it a reality. While at Harvard he came across a Forbes magazine and from there got a brilliant idea to venture into the investment banking market. He got his starting capital from various sources including his grandmother. After graduating from Harvard University, Griffin got a client who wanted him to invest a good $1 million. Ken Griffin did not disappoint he was able to invest the money with 70% returns. With the experience he had collected from the university and after the school not to mention the pretty penny he had made over the few years, Griffin was able to start Citadel investment banking company. Kenneth had a goal and would do all he could to make it a reality. He worked through day and night, targeting on attracting as many investors as possible. With the proper advertising and marketing, the company was able to be recognized by many organizations who had heard of the praises of Kenneth. After a few years, the Citadel investment banking company had already gained more than 100 employees and had a worth of $1 billion investment capital. For a business that had just started this was a big success. But he did not stop there the investment capital continued to grow. In the many years that he has been in business, Griffin has received so much recognition by many including the Forbes magazine who have named him once and again one of the influential people in the world of finance. In the many years in the investment banking world, Griffin has become involved in trying to voice his word too many about the issues in the market structure as well as financial regulations. As part of impacting the world Ken Griffin has become involved in many ways of helping educate young people with an interest in the marketwatch and financial world. He believes that there is someone who has the same interest and ambition as he did who would also make a change in the investment banking sector of finance. Griffin has sensitized on the issue of imprudent risk management by some of the companies and the need for greater regulation of the market. Kenneth Griffin has gained favor among so many people that he is a member of many boards of directors of many companies including committee on market regulation and economic club of Chicago. Kenneth has as well become part of the community by donating to different organizations. With Kenneth as an example, there is success in the investment banking market if top talent drives us, relentless focus on research and an exceptional ability to monetize investment ideas

Homejoy Falters While Handy Thrives

The people who started up Homejoy really thought they were onto something huge. The investors in the startup company also had some serious beliefs that Homejoy was going to be a massive success. Investment in the range of tens of millions of dollars are proof positive the backers believed this company would be the next big thing in the home cleaning industry.

As The Wall Street Journal reports, success was not to be. Homejoy is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. It looks like Handy is not going to experience much competition from this startup after all.

The bankruptcy filing is curious. Homejoy looked like it was primed to do very well. The entity operates in five countries, was primed to expand the services it offers, and had the backing of Google Ventures. What went wrong?

For one, the company was facing impending lawsuits over its hires. Independent contractors who cross certain gray areas due to their employer’s policies and conduct could have legal claims to employee status. That can cost the employer a lot of money.

Speaking of money, without decent revenues streams, no business is going to remain solvent. Rumors of declining revenue seem to be plaguing Homejoy.

Homejoy was believed to be on the path to be Handy’s top competitor. No more. Handy currently has offices in over two dozen cities and has raised tens of millions of dollars in capital to expand that number. Handy provides a very simple service: through the use of a smartphone app, booking and paying for freelance home maintenance work is possible. Cleaning, plumbing, and even product assembly tasks can be procured through Handy.

The freelancers booked through Handy must go through one of the toughest screening processes in the industry. Roughly 3% is the number of applicants who are accepted by Handy. By making sure the freelancers affiliated with the company are the best of the best, Handy is better primed for success.

Homejoy doesn’t appear to be much competition for Handy. Even if Homejoy does make its way out of bankruptcy, do not look for the company to challenge Handy’s marketshare in any real, significant way.

The Way Men Care About Their Appearance

Many men are really stepping up to the plate these days, by way of dressing. Before they leave the house that want to make sure that everything is in it’s place. They are not only matching their outfit, they tend to smell nice too. They are really taking great pride in what they wear. They are enhancing their look.

Mark Bollman, founder of Ball and Buck, located in Boston, said people used to think men weren’t capable of dressing well. But, that time has long passed. The internet has created change. It has enlighten their awareness of what is out there, and definitely has change the dreaded experience of shopping.

As we all know, most men have no patience. They would never take the time to pick out clothes in a department store, much less stand on line to make that purchase. The internet has had a booming business in menswear over the last five years, and still is expected to continue growing.

The internet provides free shipping, no hassle on any return or exchanges. Also, the experience on the internet is much better than the department stores. But, mostly the men could shop at their leisure, mix and match, making sure that all purchases is exactly what they want, with just a click of the finger. All this luxury,and no standing in line.

Taking the lead of high end italian shoes is Paul Evans and Jack Erwin. They also make returns and exchanges quite painless. They wanted to have good quality footwear, but at a very affordable price price. In order for this this to happen they had to cut out the middleman. This product comes straight from the factory to your home.

Paul Evans shoes are made in Naples, Italy by skilled shoemakers whose family have been practicing their craft for centuries. Footwear are made from the finest Italian Calfskin leather, so that means when you buy this product, you are investing in yourself.

One can also find suits from Indochino and Suit Supply, with prices ranging between three hundred and nine hundred dollars.

Combatant Gentleman, seems to be giving JoS A Bank some stiff competition. It seems like this is the gathering place for men. This company was created in 2012. The owner Vishaal Melwani says that they have the honor of shipping the most menswear at Goldman Sachs. His first stop was with Versace, as a tailor. He also made selvage denim, then after selling the company his ambition grew, he wanted to do something different. His dream was to make it easier for men to look better in their clothing, but he wanted to keep it as simple as possible, but tasteful.

Melwani told the business insider, that it doesn’t cost a lot for a man to look great. All they need are the basics, a few pairs of well tailored pants, a cotton blazer, and a well fitted pair of boots.

The Benefits of Financial Opinions

There are many different business transactions that can require a great deal of attention from the proper professionals. When it comes to these business transactions it is important to make sure you have the proper professionals who will be able to help you with these transactions. When a deal requires a certain amount of change in the leadership of a business it is important to have an outside opinion of the deal that is taking place. That is why hiring an outside third party company is great for financial opinions.

Madison Street Captial is a company that has been helping businesses and individuals all over the world when it comes to different financial advisement. Since 2005 Madison Street Captial has been building their reputation as one of the top companies in the financial industry. Their decade in the industry has given them the experience of dealing with the market in all different market environments. Madison Street Captial has been able to for a strategy for success that has been proven in up and down markets alike.

Madison Street Captial works with middle sized companies to bring them corporate financial advisors that will prime any company for success. These services can be great when a company is trying to grow a great deal. Madison Street Captial has a very wide reach with offices in Asia, North America, and Africa. This gives them a very global perspective and approach to the advisement that they are giving businesses and individuals all around the world.


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Beneful Products

Beneful is a healthy dog food made by Purina that brings happiness and a full spectrum of nutrition to millions of dogs each year. Their wide variety of products including wet food, dry food, and dog treats have something to fit every dog’s needs. Beneful Healthy Puppy This dry food is for growing puppies. Its calcium-rich formula will help young dogs thrive. Including 100% of the needed nutrients in a dog’s early life, this is a great everyday dog food to begin with. The DHA that is in this food also helps support healthy brain development. Beneful Healthy Weight This chicken based food helps adult dogs maintain a healthy weight. Dogs can still get excited about eating this well rounded meal, while also benefiting from a reduced calorie diet. This food has all of the nutrients needed in a delicious crunchy bite-sized food, but a bit less of the fat. Beneful Chopped Blends Including chicken, tomatoes, wild rice, and carrots, this wet food is a real treat for dogs. This finely chopped food will bring joy to your dog’s mealtime. This food is easy for dogs to eat, because it is made of small chunks, but they are packed with flavor. Beneful Chopped Blends with Beef Looking for a great food that looks and smells like homemade pot roast? The wet food made by beneful with beef, carrots, peas, and barley is sure to excite dogs during their meal time. This healthy blend is a tender mix of beef and vegetables that will make dogs feel comfortable. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges These are great dental dog treats made with real meat that help reduce both plaque and tartar buildup. They also help support dogs’ teeth and their strong bones. Best of all, they help to freshen breath. These dog treats are really special because in addition to their meaty middle, they have just a hint of parsley.