The Voice for North Korean Freedom

Despite the threats that come along with speaking out against the totalitarian state of North Korea, Yeonmi Park has found her voice. This is a profound concept considering that she grew up thinking her ruler was a God who could hear her thoughts. Her current persona is of a happy, amusing, young college student studying law, but there is still anger within. The source of her resentment derives from her childhood but doesn’t come from her parents. Instead, she focuses on the oppression of her North Korean homeland. The place she was born is a country plagued by a terrifying government that enforces strict censorship, allows its people to starve and be subjected to power outages and a lack of transportation that keep the people poor. As a child, she recalls watching her best friend’s mother be publicly executed for sharing DVD’s. Her own father was imprisoned for trying to smuggle good’s to keep food in the bellies of his children. Once he was able to escape, the family made their way to China, a country that has not been kind to refugees. Yeonmi once described the atrocious way her family was treated; nearly raped by a sex trafficker, her mother offered up her own body instead. Despite the death of her father from cancer, through determination and hard work, she and her mother survived and made their way to freedom.

Today, her petite appearance, stunning features, and long dark hair present a woman growing into her own. She learned English by watching DVD’s of popular American sitcoms and movies. Now named one of the “Top 100 Women” by the BBC, Yeonmi of youngvoicesadvocates has found her voice by speaking out against the atrocities in her homeland. She has begun a worldwide campaign to change the way her people are viewed by society. Working with The Human Rights Foundation she aided in sending USB sticks and leaflets with information for the people sent by balloon to North Korea. Maintaining her bravery does not come without cost, a video showing the family members left behind has surfaced with the relatives denouncing her. It is understood that North Korean threats are not empty; they have a history of backing them up. Kim Jong-un is known for holding grudges, executing the families of those who disagree with him, and making people disappear. Meanwhile, Park’s ideals will not be deterred. She continues to utilize social media, give interviews, and speak in front of government leaders, most recently the US State Department. Her hope is to one day see her country become a free land. When that day comes, she intends on returning her father’s ashes to his homeland. In the meantime, she uses her newly found voice to continue to raise awareness by telling her story to whomever will listen.

Can An Online Reputation Be Fixed?

The Ashley Madison hack sent shockwaves through the world. Even those who were not and have no plans of being members of Ashley Madison or any other online site felt afraid upon hearing the news. The adulterous dating site was hacked and all the information members provided to the site was compromised. Names and addresses are not the only things dumped out onto the internet. Credit card numbers were released. Even physical locations of members were noted via GPS data.

There are ways to deal with the awful situation. What should never be done is to outright ignore it. Information about a person is found online. Those who do not take steps to mitigate the damage are going to allow those who have published or released data online to define them. Such could prove very damaging since the information may be very embarrassing and reputation ruining. Those victimized in the Ashley Madison hack are experiencing this very problem.

The online reputation management firm, Status Labs, is working very hard at helping those who have experienced harm to their reputation. The company is even offering free crisis counseling to persons who have been exposed in the Ashley Madison hack.
There are not many avenues such persons can turn. The help provided by Status Labs may very well be the only solution available. In addition to counseling, the company provides ways of helping to restore a reputation and diminish negative information.

The harm the hack does to people’s privacy reveals a much larger overall problem. People who suffer from attacks on their reputation must deal with the impact on their personal and professional lives. The troubles created for a person’s professional life can devastate an individual’s means of making a living. Needless to say, this is not something that should ever be taken lightly. Instead, immediate action should be performed to reduce the damage. Hopefully, the problems will end up being buried over time provided effective reputation management work was done.

Status Labs has a number of high-profile clients. This is the type of reputation management firm to work with.

True Human Rights For All

Human rights is basically the idea that every human has established certain rights. Just for being born on this earth there are certain things that every individual human should be able to do. They have the right to live a free life, they have the right to pursue happiness, and they have the right to make their own way in the world. Even though this concept of human rights has been hashed and rehash over the centuries, in general each and every human being has a concept of human rights even if it has not been drawn out on ink and paper.

Regardless of who a person is or where they come from, we all have the desire to be free. Even if an individual is born into a restricted area or if they were born into slave like conditions, they do desire to get out of that condition or to break free from their oppression. Human rights is the concept that there are certain standards to each and every human behavior and that these concepts should be protected legally. These are the concepts that each and every individual has the right to speak their own language, live in their own area, have their own religion, have their own race and have their own ethnic origin. In spite of all of these differences, an individual desires to be treated fairly and have protection.

Over the years there have been many atrocities that have been committed by human beings. things such as slavery, genocide, and political oppression have caused many people to lack their human rights. North Korea is a country where many people realize that human rights are not properly protected, but since they are under a very powerful dictator there are very few North Koreans that ever get to get out and tell their story.

Yeonmi Parks is a young woman on youtube that was able to escape from North Korea and she is a human rights activist for those individuals that are living in the oppressed North Korea. Parks was originally born into a well off family, but after a series of unfortunate events involving the imprisonment of her father, her life drastically changed. Her father was released from prison eventually because he was ill and he was determined to get his family out of North Korea. At a very young age Parks had watched the illegal movie “Titanic.” She was surprised to see that people were willing to die for love, because all of her life she was only taught that the one thing that anyone should die for is their country. This instilled in Yeonmi Park the desire to learn more about different ideals and different lives. Eventually Parks and her family escaped and lived in South Korea. Parks became a spokesperson for the atrocities that occur in North Korea. She is an individual that is fighting for human rights, and even though she is a young she plans to make her lifelong goal to liberate those that are under the rule of North Korea.

Online Reputation Management Concerns Grow

The media exposed the damaging effect on thousands that were members of the Ashley Madison Website. At first glance, many might think that the Ashley Madison website was just another dating online website. However, this site had a different kind of clientele. They were mostly married people looking for a romantic connection online. Well, a scandal was bound to happen. A hacker released member names to the public. This caused one of the worst scandals in the history of the Internet. Certainly, Ashley Madison users are in the midst of trying to protect their identity and recover from the scandalous affair.

High Profile Clients
Many of the Ashley Madison members were high profile clients with a reputation to protect. In fact, many members were well-known doctors, lawyers, athletes, and even a few politicians. Certainly, more than a few ere afraid that the scandal would wreck their personal and professional life. Therefore, they looked for online reputation management sources to control the damage. Status Labs is an online reputation management company that was contacted by a number of the Ashley Madison Clients involved in the scandal. The company has a very strong reputation for working with all kinds of clients and helping to build a more positive reputation for them. Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs. His belief is that just about anyone on the Internet is vulnerable to reputation attacks and personal identity thefts by hackers. Hackers are devious and very clever individuals that attack vulnerable sites for their financial and personal information. Status Labs is there to help the victims of those attacks regain their reputation and credibility.

Status Labs CEO
Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs. Status labs are an online reputation management company. Fisher has worked with a number of high profile clients that include doctors, lawyers, athletes, politicians, and more. Status Labs headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. They also have offices that are located in New York and Sao Paulo. Status lab is primarily concerned about repairing the reputation of their clients. Darius Fisher has also worked as a political consultant and a copywriter. He is also a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

Investing in your future

Success comes with planning, creativity and hard work. Many people dream of a lavish lifestyle but don’t recognize the amount of work and stress goes into achieving that dream. Kenneth Griffin is now the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel. Griffin’s entrepreneurial business success didn’t come overnight; he worked hard from a young age to accomplish his goals. We’ll explore how he reached this level in his career and where he is today.

School can be difficult, distractions are everywhere. Very few make it through high school with the ability to get accepted into Harvard University. Ken Griffin on turtletrader made it his goal to succeed and get into one of the most prestigious schools in America. Once he got into Harvard he explored different options to succeed further. The idea to start investing in hedge funds came to Griffin in an interesting way. During his freshmen year he read an article in Forbes magazine that truly inspired him. After much thought, during his second year of Harvard he began investing in a hedge fund. Griffin’s out of the box thinking and fresh approach on his hedge fund lead to major success. So much so he was able to invest in a second hedge fund. Griffin’s investing didn’t distract him from his school work. He went on to graduate from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Griffin’s early on investing in college made him a stand out to high end investors. At this stage in his life his resume was full of impressive activities. Griffin’s accomplishments caught the attention of Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital. Meyer provided Ken Griffin with an extremely generous amount of money to continue investing, $1 million dollars. This was the start to Griffin’s career and launched him into a higher realm of success.

In 1990, just one year after graduating from Harvard University, Griffin founded Capital. The beginning start up amount was more than the average person could ever dream of having, $4.6 million dollars. This high dollar investment truly paid off in the long run for Griffin. By 1998 the company had grown and hired over a hundred employees. The company continued to grow bigger and bigger every year. Kenneth Griffin has now appeared in Forbes many times over the past 20 years. The same magazine that once inspired him he now is frequently mentioned due to his amazing success. Starting at such a young age he is recognized for being a self-made success story.

An entrepreneur by nature, Griffin has changed the industry with his exceptional investing. Griffin has continued to grow his business every day and even makes time to give back. In 2014 he donated $150 million dollars to Harvard University to help with the undergraduate students who needed financial aid. Such a large and generous donation will now help many students who strive to be as successful as Griffin. Now a billionaire, Griffin is a shining example of how hard work pays off.

Dating In Russia Is Very Enjoyable On AnastasiaDate

What features should a person look for in an international dating site? Those who like to date on websites that allow them to meet women that are outside of their country will want to know the best websites for international dating. There are many international dating websites that have different themes to draw people in, and many of them will automatically ask if the person likes a certain kind of woman. Maybe the ad will ask if you like Asian women, Russian women, Brazilian women or more. Just because these websites aim for men who are looking for these types of women doesn’t mean that they are great websites.

Anyone can put a website together and call it a dating site, especially if they have the money and the means to do so. Just because a website has been put together for dating, doesn’t mean it’s a good dating website. A website needs to cater to the needs of its customers before it can be called a good website, and customer reviews are important as well. If many different customers go to a certain dating site, and they complain about the features or the lack of features, then it may not be a very good dating site.

One of the things that make a good international dating site is the search engine. A person should be able to search directly for the type of woman they are looking for, and they should just get a list of women in general. The website should also offer several means of communication with the other person, not just chatting back and forth through messages. Another good feature of an international dating site should be fraud protection, which means that the man is protected from fraud as well as his credit card information.

A great international dating site will also help the man in any way possible to find a woman that he’s looking for. Is there such a site that has all these features and more? Yes, the AnastasiaDate website has all the features that make a good international dating site. Not only does AnastasiaDate have a great search engine to help a man find a woman, but they have great customer reviews as well. Many customers have gone to the AnastasiaDate website and left satisfied, and some have even recommended friends or others to visit the website too.

Another thing that the AnastasiaDate website does is they protect the information of those that join. Not only is a person’s information secure from fraud or theft, but the man himself is protected from being defrauded by any ladies on the website. The AnastasiaDate website looks after its customers’ interests as well as their credit card information, so the customer has a good experience on the website. Many men have been able to go to the AnastasiaDate website and find a good woman, so there have

Christian Broda at the Head of the Class

People seem to have a lot of difficulty in managing and growing their personal wealth. Christian Broda the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management can help to move your wealth to the next level. The reason he is so successful is that he understands economics at a fundamental level. There are few guides that are as experienced or knowledgeable as Christian Broda. He provides economic guidance that is insightful and accurate to current economic conditions.

Broda has built his knowledge through a number of different avenues. He has served as Head of International Research at Barclays Capital, as Chief International Economist at Lehman Brothers and at Columbia University and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. His entire life has revolved around creating and maintaining wealth in the modern economic environment. Success has followed him everywhere he has gone. From academics to finances, he has done it all and been at the head of the class all the time.

The long history of Christian Broga in the field of economics dates back to the late 90’s, where he first attended the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina receiving his degree in economics. From there he attended MIT and earned his master’s degree and followed that up by earning his PhD from the same institute. It didn’t take long for Broga to put this extensive education to good use. He has been an Associate Editor of the Journal of Developmental Economics as well as a component of the editorial board of the IMF Economic Review.

Broga has been a tenured professor at the University of Chicago where he had been responsible for teaching a new generation of economists. But it is in the field of practical economics that he has arguably contributed the most. His students have benefited from his experience until 2010 when he decided to dedicate his time and passion to Duquesne Capital Management.

While teaching at college Broga published several articles about economics which any potential investor would do well to read. He discussed why the US Dollar may strengthen in 2010, analysed the value of US tax rebates and touted the value of Chinese imports into the United States. It is clear from his writing that Christian Broga has a solid grasp of the economic factors which run the world.

With the insightful and consistent guidance of Christian Broga, many people have been able to develop and grow their wealth to desired proportions and beyond. His economic vision has guided capital investments to incredible growth and consistently makes a consistent profit for investors. It shouldn’t matter if you are a seasoned investor with a complicated portfolio or a relatively new investor, Duquesne Capital Management under the direction of Broga will help you build your wealth.

With James Dondero At The Helm, Highland Capital Management Is A Thriving Company

Based in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management co-founded by James Dondero is widely recognized as being one of the world’s top investment management companies. The company was founded in 1993, and has a workforce of more than 100 employees.

Specializing in alternative credit investments, Highland Capital Management effectively manages hedge funds, mutual funds, structured investment plans, and separately held accounts.

The traditionally successful principles of investing that are employed by Highland Capital Management, are combined with a disciplined approach to preserving capital. These methods produce high returns to the investor.

Besides managing a broad spectrum of institutional pooled investment plans, Highland Capital Management also offers top-rate retail investment services.

Customers regularly benefit from the extensive research and analysis that the Highland investments team regularly perform. Clear communication between members of the investments team helps to provide a constant flow of useful information that benefits the investor.

Investing in high yield credit and managing high yield credit commingled funds are strategies that Highland Capital Management place an emphasis on.

Investing in distressed middle market companies, and other challenging special situations, is a proven strategy that Highland Capital Management uses.

Other strategies that Highland Capital Management focuses on include long/short equity funds, healthcare, emerging markets, oil and gas, structured products, and real estate. With its calculated, well-researched approach to investing, Highland Capital Management is able to exercise bold decision making that consistently benefits investors.

The president of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. A graduate of the University of Virginia, James Dondero co-founded the company in 1993, and has guided it to major success. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero maintained successful careers with the Protective Life, and American Express corporations.

James Dondero is also affiliated with NexBank, MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare, and several other organizations. An active philanthropist, Mr. Dondero supports new ideas and actions in veteran’s affairs, civic policy, and education.

Highland Capital Management has a strong sense of corporate and community responsibility. The company consistently invests in local community organizations, where their employees live and work. Highland Capital Management also provides support to some national nonprofit organizations.

In addition to its Dallas headquarters, Highland Capital Management maintains offices in New York, NY, Seoul, Rep. of Korea, Singapore, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dates On The Go

Whether you’re an avid smart phone user or just know how to do the basics and play around on a few apps, chances are there are a few social media outlets that you’re a part of. Society today is a fast paced and interconnected by technology making keeping in touch with relatives easier, holding business meetings with people across the globe possible without travel and sharing your daily life with friends you don’t always see on a constant basis. With most communication being a swipe away its no surprise that people have sought to meet other people with common interests online through blogs, websites and apps.

A Skout dating can seem odd to some people, but before there was online dating you had to hope there was a person worth meeting at a bar, a party or at school. Then comes the approach, talking to a complete stranger who may or not be interested in the same things you like or even being in a relationship, which more often than not can lead to some awkward situations. Dating apps wash away the fear of being rejected or having to guess someone’s personality just by looking at them, with profile’s readily available on your phone it makes the entire process a hundred times easier. While riding the train, waiting in an office for an appointment or just lounging about at home you can skim through people’s profiles and look for someone who has the same values, goals and interests as you. If you want to talk to them you can send them a quick message to meet or just remain internet friends for awhile to get to know them before meeting in person. Romance can also be found globally and apps can make it easier for people looking outside their country.

Social networking isn’t just centralized to dates, it can be a great way for artists, writers and world travelers to connect with each other through a general interest. Since traveling is such a widely known hobby, many travelers who are in a country that don’t speak the language want at traveling buddy to help with language barriers or just a friend to enjoy the sights with. People who spend their years exploring other countries don’t always have someone with the same passion for travel and social media is a great way for fellow travelers to meet each other, especially if they happen to be traveling through the same country.

Skout is a newely developed app that helps connect travelers with people who are traveling in the same vicinity. Millions of users have been using the travel app to meet with locals and other travelers for assistants and make new friends and connections around the globe. Some people have initially made friendships with people over the app and then gone on vacation to their friend’s country. Skout is wonderful app that helps people from all over create long lasting bonds and immerse in different cultures with one swipe of a finger.

How To Choose the Best Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you facing a legal issue related to business or personal matter? Searching for reliable legal help in Brazil? Every day, people all over the world go online searching for quality legal assistance for various issues. Hiring a lawyer for business or personal matter is not something to be handled lightly. Proper research is necessary in order to find the right lawyer for your needs. It is imperative to choose a business lawyer with care, as you will entrust this professional to protect valuable personal and business information.

There is a growing number of business lawyers in Brazil, but the quality of service provided by these professionals is not the same. You can find qualified lawyers in several ways. In order to get a list of potential lawyers, you can contact the local lawyer regulatory agency and request the names of lawyers that practice in that area.

Some people find lawyers in local law directories or by contacting the Bar Association or other law professional organization. Lawyers can also be located through recommendations by accountants and general lawyers.

Begin choosing the best lawyer in Brazil by examining the particular needs of your business in detail and matching them to lawyers with the most relevant experience and skills. Once you have gathered a list of potential lawyers, you can narrow down your choice by screening them, asking about specific services that the lawyers have provided for past clients and finding which lawyers communicate best.

Most lawyers offer free initial consultation, and this is necessary before you ultimately hire someone to provide any type of legal service. You want to determine if the lawyer is qualified to practice in Brazil, and has the necessary credentials. Find out what area of law the lawyer specializes in. A strong business lawyer should have a good understanding of both business planning and corporate law and have a lot of experience in setting up various business structures. Finding out how the lawyer has helped other businesses in Brazil and how he or she would handle your business plan or project can help you narrow down your list of potential lawyers.

It is also absolutely necessary to understand how legal fees are calculated or determined, and how your potential lawyer bills clients. Do not hire a lawyer without a written agreement on how fees are to be paid. Also, make sure you read and understand the terms. A reputable lawyer will provide a written document or retainer signed by both parties, to ensure that there won’t be any misunderstanding as the case proceeds.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business and corporate litigation law. He has been providing top notch legal services to people from all walks of life. Mr Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has provided high quality litigation for over 22 years and is known for his powerful litigation strategies, and has made a great name for himself in the Brazilian legal system.